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War Child Australia contributes funds to relief and development projects undertaken by our partners, War Child UK.


War Child aims to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out and stay on to support them—long after the TV cameras have gone home.

We help keep them safe, give them an education, and equip them with skills for the future.

We understand children’s needs, respect their rights, and put them at the centre of everything we do. Whether it’s helping children who have fled Syria access education, rehabilitating ex-child soldiers in the Central African Republic or seeking justice for young people detained in Afghanistan. We also work with children and young people to change systems and practices that affect them. We campaign on the root causes of conflict, and we demand that children are at the centre of all humanitarian responses

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Young girl in Yemen


Child protection is at the heart of what War Child believes and does. We intervene quickly when conflicts start, to prevent, address and respond to violence, exploitation, abuse or neglect of children. This can include rehabilitating and reintegrating ‘former child soldiers’, working with legal systems to improve justice for children, setting up child helplines and community-based child protection networks, and reunifying children with their families.

Photo: Mahmoud Abdullah


Keeping children in education during wars and other emergencies is a life-saving priority for children and their families.

Our work includes structured learning and play for children, teacher training for early childhood teachers and parenting guidance for parents and caregivers.

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Boy in Uganda
Girl in Uganda


War Child’s work goes beyond providing protection and education for children during conflict, supporting sustainable livelihoods and training to vulnerable young people and their communities – creating a more secure future and safer environment for children.

Photo: Michael Jessurun, 2022 Andrew Pacutho

stories from the children

Nelson in Uganda

Nelson's story

Nelson, aged 15, grew up amidst fear, violence, and insecurity in DR Congo, a region impacted by over two decades of internal armed conflict.

Galina in Moldova

Galina's story

Meet Galina, aged 8, from Ukraine. Due to the war, she had to flee her home country to live in Moldova.

Emlaq in Yemen

Emlaq's story

Meet Emlaq, aged 13, who lives in Yemen.

past projects

Family in Afghanistan


War Child has been in Afghanistan since 2002. We work with community groups and families to help find and protect unaccompanied minors, children working on the streets or young people in conflict with the law. We provide counselling and educational support and speak up for children’s rights.

Photo: Helene Franchineau

Girl in Burundi


War Child works on rebuilding social structures inside Burundi. We have worked in partnership with national NGOs inside Burundi since 2008 and established our own operations there in 2011.We identify and support at-risk children by strengthening the capacity of community-based structures concerning child protection.

Photo: Nadia Niyonizigiye
Children in Central African Republic


War Child is building up community-based skills and support networks to identify and take care of children who are or have been at risk of exploitation.

Children in DRC


We work with authorities and communities in the DRC to put child protection laws into effect and prevent violence against children. This includes running a free helpline to provide rapid support to children at risk and making sure their rights are respected by law enforcers.

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Children in Iraq


A lot of our work in Iraq is done in partnership with local or national NGOs, and includes humanitarian aid, child protection, education support and trauma counselling. We make sure individual children get the help they need, even in hard-to-reach areas.

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Boy in Occupied Palestinian Territories


We work with local professional organisations, community groups and families inside the occupied Palestinian territory to protect children from harm and support their psychosocial wellbeing.

Photo: Samar Abu Auf
Boys in Syria


War Child has been in Jordan since 2013, working in camps with Syrian refugees and in host communities with local populations. Our projects focus mainly on education, child protection and children’s rights..

Photo: War Child

Children in Uganda


We work with local partners to protect and counsel vulnerable Sudanese refugee children in Uganda. We also support a youth-led social enterprise venture that helps young people in northern Uganda improve their prospects by starting their own businesses.

Photo: Michael Jessurun, 2022 Andrew Pacutho
Girl in Yemen


We’re the first international NGO to register in Yemen since the war started. Our team is on the ground getting emergency food to the most vulnerable children.

Photo: Mahmoud Abdullah


A group of children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

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