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EMLAQ’s Story

Meet Emlaq, aged 13, who lives in Yemen.

Aspirations & Values

Emlaq misses his father and longs to see him again. He understands that his father is in prison, but his younger siblings do not and are not able to understand the reality.

Context & Reality

Emlaq lives with his uncle in Sanaa, Yemen. With him are his mum and three brothers Qaid, Muammar, and Muhammad. He now goes to school every day and is in the first year of middle school. He got a school bag, pens, and notebooks from War Child.

The family became displaced when his father was imprisoned on a charge of manslaughter, and they couldn’t afford their rent. So, Emlaq moved in with his uncle. His father ran a business earning money from selling vegetables, but this income hasn’t been there since he was arrested. Emlaq’s father also doesn’t have legal representation, because the family doesn’t have money to pay attorney costs.

Emlaq in Yemen

Relationship to War Child

War Child supported the family with school supplies. They also created a playground for students in the school and provide children with daily lunches. Emlaq says. “I am very happy with the games that War Child made in our school. I play these games every day. I also get a school meal. My friends and I race every day to get this meal.”

Our work in Yemen

War Child continues to deliver life-saving child protection services, education support, vocational skills training and cash relief to children and their families in war-torn Yemen.


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